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Aussies Vs The French!!! One to US!!

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SO the french arrived yesterday... mark and i had ventured down to "afirca" (which is really a sweet little town called Peckham, but thats another story entirely). There was 5 of them that arrived, and apparently another who took one look at the situation and then decided to bolt!!

So we get home just as the boys are about to head out . . . they have called charlene to say WTF! The french bird who was organising everyone started talking to mark and i stating that we had to share a room for the month that we were there . . . and still pay our $85 & $75!! And because the boys were still there their was only the one room for all 4 of them to stay in. What a drama, I of course cracked it. There was no way i was going to live with 6 people, considering that i then came to light that another (truckload, i guess) was coming on thursday . . . mark and i decided that it was best for us to venture elsewhere...the french didnt like that, cause they could not afford it. Charlene finally made the call that she would give all the money they had paid back and allow mark and i to stay... so our intial one month . . . is now 6. Which means we have somewhere to call home!! One chore off the list.

The drama though meant that we were not able to head out with the boys as planned. . . while we were waiting on the french to leave, we went to the local off-license and bought fireworks . . . so we had our own little display in the backyard!! Didnt realise that we actually have trees so close . . . (by the way, our house backs onto a cemetry). . . then i had the bright idea that a walk along the thames would be a fantastic idea!! HEaded off to the train station, and no matter which was you looked fireworks were everywhere... It really makes new years look so lame!! Becuase we just missed the train we had another 20 minutes or so to watch the spectacular shows all around us. Mind you, when we actually got into the city, our view was very limited!! But it was a good night anyway!!

Well . . . time to try and make home, home now!!

Take Care

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Ivydale Road - An Introduction and a half!!

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So I moved into Ivydale road last night!! It is just the cutest little place . . . and at the moment we are only able to stay for a month :(

The lady who actually owns the place has no idea what i going on!! We checked out the place and said cool, wanna move in . . . at the present there are 2 aussie guys (plus all their mates) living there. There are 2 rooms avialable and a couple of french people expected to move in (one today and one thursday). So cool . . . the rooms available are not actually those up for grabs . . . the big room is currently ryans (the teacher) so i am stuck in limbo for the time being. Mark has claimed one of the others . . . but apparently may not be able to keep it as the french people may want it!! And then on top of that the french people may want the house to themselves!! Which means that mark and i can only stay for a month . .. and the french people need to find someone to replace us??? WTF!!

Still the guys living there have given us a good introduction to london . . . told us about a cool little shopping haven near home . . .where things are really cheap!!! We bought our doona's pillows' matress protector and sheets and covers for about £17 (or about $40) . . . clothes are really cheap £7-£15 (at a 2.25 conversion it is still cheap by home's standards). . . so today is shopping day. Suit Jackets can be picked up from £5. So i have already figured out that i will have heaps to send home . . . still once we earn the pounds . . . lots of time for shopping!!

Food is cheap . . . "iceland" is the place to go . . . meat is about £1 for about 500grams of mince . . . fresh mixed veg (carrots, potatoes, brocilli & cauli) is also about £1 for about 4 days worth, they come in cute prepackaged amounts. . . . So i cant see us wasting too much money. Drinks are reasonable . . . beer about 85P. They boys state that you can live the high life (and they seem to marinate in drink) for about £300 pw (inc rent). So i cannot wait until i start work!!

So we went to the local "walkabout" last night (it was one of the boys b'days). Its an aussie pub . . . quite cool. Was there for a while . .. i went to the loo's as you do . . . and came across 'igor' when i came out!! A very sweet gentleman from Brazil . . . and cute a but of all right!! We chatted for a while and then went to find the boys. And then i was talking to Sami (one of the boys gf) and some stranger came up to me and planted a kiss on my cheek . . . (weird!!) even sami was shocked re this.

So sami has invited us out again tonight . . . there are big celebrations for guyforks night!! So there is a bonfire and a great fireworks display tonight!! And i guess, a number of drinks!!! Its about lunchtime now . . . they boys only came home about an hour ago, and were still up drinking . . . so i guess it will make for a very interesting night!!

Anyway . . . time to shop . . . after living in the same clothes for the last couple of weeks . . . i am really looking forward to something new!!

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Finally Here


Hey Guys,

Finally made it here to the UK, trying to get through all the bustle of finding somewhere to live and then some work . . . dont really know which one is more important.

Thailand was fantastic, and germany great for a little RnR, and yes, I have a load of photos!!

Just trying a couple of things out to see which are my best options of keeping you all up to date...Hopefully this is it!! If it works, i will try and post some photos and a bit more info in the coming weeks.

Anyway, In the meantime take care and hopefully i will catch up with you somepoint in the next little while!!


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