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So, I have now been in England for a month and a half . . . and it sort of feel like really that i have yet achieved anything!!

Still, Its only the begining. I am in my third week of work, and all i can say is that everything is bizare!!

I have been out of the city, I went to the area of KENT! Which, if you know Englad at all, really is not that great big feat...

Landed the JOB "Audit Senior", which technically is really the same as back home, but a lot more pandantic. All organisations earning more than 100K pounds require an audit. So thats about everyone... trying to work out how they do things over here is like trying to write a story in French....yeah, we have the same alpahbet, but how do i put it all together...

My next venture out was to Milton Keynes, basically a town that the english think is Bizare (it actually has grid lines!! WOW!!, the land of the concrete cows) in other words, some place just like home.
It was strange ventureing out there, you really could imagine yourself in another world, well time . . . things really havent changed in the country side for a few hundred years.

I did a seminar on Money Laundering!! A big thing over hear, basically we as accountants are the Governments eyes and ears . . . so if people are not putting all their money through the accounts, we have to report them....we find that there staff are stealing from them, we cannot tell the client (that would be tipping off) we have to report them, so a full investigation can go on...if we dont report them and its found that we should have known, its a 5 year jail sentence for us. So anything, regardless of how big or minor it is needs ot be reported. So when doing a clients work, it really is necessary to ensure that you check every invoice and document everything!!!! Too much work!!

Am causing a bit of conversation at work, being an aussie. Also had my first outing (unoffical xmas party) on a thursday night, and after a few too many shots, i really dont know how i managed to navigate the tube and get home...!!! And then trying to get up for work a few hours later . . . was helL!!! i was lying there thinking that i really didnt want to do it, but i dont have the contact details for work, so i couldnt ring in sick, also, could not afford the humility of it all!! So, on the train . . . laden with water and chewy (the mint helps the travel sickness, and any who knows me, knows that it tends to kick in when i am under the weather, somehow i felt that i was really, really going to struggle keeping it together).

So, one station to go (i use the overland all the way, and then walk the remainder to work, half hour (Kris, you would be proud of me), its better than spending the same time cramed in the tube) . . . however, I was not to make it . . . yeah!!! I threw up!!! on the plus side, i did find an easier and quicker way to get to work!!:)

I think though, for the sake of my sanity, (and waist line) in the better weather i will continue to walk. So tomorrow is a friday and is our official xmas party, hopefully i will behave.

So things are fantastic walking the streets, their are the guys on the corners passing out "the big issue" wearing santa suits, and every now and then someone will be whistling, or you even come across some kids carroling!! Excellent...everything looks so cool, however it does not feel like xmas, its too cold!! I cannot get excited about it.

I am heading to Spain for xmas, so hopefully that will provide a bit of warmth and distraction...also managed to get some tickets for a new comendy show that is getting taped next week. .. and found out that i got some more for another show next year!! So that will be interesting...I have also booked to go to Norway and Poland, so the new year is looking like i will at least be doing something!! Anything!!!

All i have to do now is get paid!!


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