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A Long way to go for Tapas

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So how to cure a craving for Tapas and Sangria . . . thats right, this little black duck heads to Barcelona for the weekend . . . (or rather 24 hours)

As a bonus!!! I found the sun again, and unlike paris, was able to bare some skin and soak in the UV light . . .

So, I havent been here since my 'religious experience' . . . what has happened in the meantime!!! I guess i would say, nothing much, but i can hear your groaning from here, how can nothing be happening????

So while i didnt not come to the conclusion of '42', i certainly had a great weekend!!! What other way to spend an oz day celebration that with great company & a few coldies (I suppose, i could add sun, sand, surf and a great game of cricket!!! Or maybe that game of golf i missed out on!!).

I acutally worked on Australia Day!! And boy, was i keen to get out of there (definately counting down the minutes til that assignment ends)...Initally i was going to head down the 'walkabout' in shepards bush with the rest of the crowd . . . but ended up venturing towards an irish pub (on australia day, in england!!! in some weird reality it does make sense, oz day is about the federation of oz - the coming together of all nations, and since i am irish, what the hell) . . . turns out to be this dodgy (which really is quite cool) little hovel of a place.... decent music, once again good company, and boy, a lot of Australian's around!!!

The group i was with managed to acquire an inflatable Kangaroo from the Irish bar . . .which incidently made for an interesting trek home. Sometimes i think that i should have had my voice box removed shortly after birth!!! Some pom decided that he would have some fun with the 'convicts' that they sent to 'paradise' . . . and then remind me of all the sporting endeavours they have had this year (which, i remember telling him we have to give to the english, so that they would have the 'taste' of blood and know what they were fighting for because it had become such a walk over).

Surprising friday was alright (either i didnt drink enough, or maybe too much).

Sat was a rushed trip to the airport (almost to the point of desperation!), followed by a long flight, and what seemed like an even longer bus ride. (Ryan air is the airline that gets you somewhere near where you actually want to go).

We almost had an interesting story come out of trying to find the hotel!! The bus dropped us off at the main train station. After the experience in paris, i thought it would be a good idea to photograph the net map!! Somehow, dont quite remember . . . but after talk of just catching a cab (comprehension of spanish in not the best) . . . one of us figured out where we were on the net map, and the other on the ground map . .. turns out, the road we want to get to is outside the main station!!! Yep, we walk straight outside and there in BIG BLUE NEON writing is our hotel!!! I can just imagine the face of a cab driver if we had of asked to go to the hotel, which essentially was from one side of the car park to another!!!

Meanwhile, the hotel was a great choice, and definatley a winner!! But, we are in spain and head to La Ramba (pics will be on the net sometime this year)! Whilst it was raining, definately an interesting place and somewhere i do certainly have to head back to!! Wondering around cute little side streets was surreal, yet at the same time definately home. Dinner was ordinary, but the Sangria, brilliant!!

So, next off to an australian bar almost next door!! (Had to do that) . . . the bar tender definately had a bee in his bonnet. Meanwhile started chatting to some pommies, having a grand old time . . .and then thought, Hmmm, might just need to ask for that Australian Flag!!! Didnt get it!, but got a brand new one, which i had signed by the management, the prick behind the bar as well as some in front of it!!

So sunday was a quick wander down la rumba to see it during the day light. A cool place and as we were leaving the street performers starting coming out!! Once again, have to go back!!

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